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Information Systems Technology and its Applications, International Conference ISTA'2003, June 19-21, 2003, Kharkiv, Ukraine, Proceedings. P-30, 59-65 (2003).

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Mikhail Godlevsky (ed.), Stephen W. Liddle (ed.), Mayr Heinrich C. (ed.)

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Estimating content quality in the world wide web

Johann Mitlöhner


The World Wide Web is used by an increasing number of people as an everexpanding source of information on almost every topic imaginable. However, useful data is often buried in large quantities of low-quality content. Estimation of content quality is valuable for diverse applications, such as search result ranking and direction of crawlers. In this text an approach is described to automatically determine author identity of web pages and compile data on author reputation in order to better estimate the quality of new content. The results of preliminary studies are presented which show the viability of the author reputation approach.

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