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Natural Language Processing and Information Systems, 8th International Conference on Applications of Natural Language to Information Systems, June 2003, Burg (Spreewald), Germany. P-29, 120-126 (2003).

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Antje Düsterhöft (ed.), Bernhard Thalheim (ed.)

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Selection of representative documents for clusters in a document collection

Alexander Gelbukh , Mikhail Alexandrov , Ales Bourek and Pavel Makagonov


An efficient way to explore a large document collection (e.g., the search results returned by a search engine) is to subdivide it into clusters of relatively similar documents, to get a general view of the collection and select its parts of particular interest. A way of presenting the clusters to the user is selection of a document in each cluster. For different purposes this can be done in different ways. We consider three cases: selection of the average, the “most typical,” and the “least typical” document. The algorithms are given, which rely on a dictionary of keywords reflecting the topic of the user's interest. After clustering, we select a document in each cluster basing on its closeness to the other ones. Different distance measures are discussed; preliminary experimental results are presented. Our approach was implemented in the new version of Document Classifier system.

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