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WM 2003: Professionelles Wissesmanagement - Erfahrungen und Visionen, Beiträge der 2. Konferenz Professionelles Wissensmanagement, 2.-4. April 2003 in Luzern. P-28, 287-294 (2003).

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Ulrich Reimer (ed.), Andreas Abecker (ed.), Steffen Staab (ed.), Gerd Stumme (ed.)

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A multi-agent system for knowledge management based on the implicit culture

Enrico Blanzieri , Paolo Giorgini , Claudio Zanoni and Fausto Giunchiglia


We present an implementation of a multi-agent system whose goal is to solve the problem of tacit knowledge transfer by means of sharing of experiences. In particular, we consider experiences of use of pieces of information. Each agent incorporates a systems for implicit culture support (SICS) whose goal is to realize the acceptance of the information suggested. The SICS permits a transparent, namely implicit, sharing of the information about the use, e.g. requesting and accepting, of pieces of information.

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