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WM 2003: Professionelles Wissesmanagement - Erfahrungen und Visionen, Beiträge der 2. Konferenz Professionelles Wissensmanagement, 2.-4. April 2003 in Luzern. P-28, 267-274 (2003).

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Ulrich Reimer (ed.), Andreas Abecker (ed.), Steffen Staab (ed.), Gerd Stumme (ed.)

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Case-based adaptation in medicine focusing on hypothyroidism

Rainer Schmidt , Olga Vorobieva and Lothar Gierl


So far, Case-based Reasoning has not become as successful in medicine as in some other application domains. One, probably the main reason is that on the one side in Case-based Reasoning the adaptation problem could not be solved in a general way. On the other side in medicine adaptation is often more difficult than in other domains, because usually more and complex features have to be considered. In this paper, we not only summarise experiences with adaptation in medicine, but we want to elaborate typical medical adaptation problems and hope to indicate possibilities how to solve them.

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