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WM 2003: Professionelles Wissesmanagement - Erfahrungen und Visionen, Beiträge der 2. Konferenz Professionelles Wissensmanagement, 2.-4. April 2003 in Luzern. P-28, 97-102 (2003).

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Ulrich Reimer (ed.), Andreas Abecker (ed.), Steffen Staab (ed.), Gerd Stumme (ed.)

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Architecture of a recommender system to support collaboration in a software environment

Daniel Lichtnow , Stanley Loh , Ramiro Saldana Garin , Augusto Caringi and Pablo Lucas Dos Anjos


Within organizations, people learn through exchanging knowledge. This kind of task (named collaboration) is important for the organizational learning. Collaboration can be supported by Information Technology tools as chats, newsgroups, forums and e-mailing lists. However, this kind of support only enables message exchange, lacking to help people in the learning process. This work presents the architecture of a recommender system to support collaboration among people in an software organization. The system analyzes textual messages sent during the session, identifies the context of the discussion and suggests documents, authorities (people with competence in a subject) and past discussions within the same context. Keywords: collaboration, learning organizations, text mining, groupware, recommender systems.

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