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BTW 2003, Datenbanksysteme für Business, Technologie und Web, Tagungsband der 10. BTWKonferenz, 26.-28. Februar 2003, Leipzig. P-26, 558-567 (2003).

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Gerhard Weikum (ed.), Harald Schöning (ed.), Erhard Rahm (ed.)

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Information integration in a global enterprise: some experiences from a financial services company (Kurzbeitrag)

Robert Marti


In most commercial enterprises, information is scattered across a large number of (legacy) data stores. Moreover, it is nearly impossible to obtain funding to replace these data stores with a single integrated database, given tight budgets, time-to-market pressures and past failures of various kinds of large-scale efforts. In this paper, we advocate an approach which hinges on (1) a high-level enterprise information architecture, (2) the identification of the stable elements in this information architecture - essentially identifiers of some core entity types, the sets of legal values of some descriptive attributes - and (3) a central metadata and re f- erence data repository which supports the tracking of the history of refe r- ence data.

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