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BTW 2003, Datenbanksysteme für Business, Technologie und Web, Tagungsband der 10. BTWKonferenz, 26.-28. Februar 2003, Leipzig. P-26, 30-56 (2003).

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Gerhard Weikum (ed.), Harald Schöning (ed.), Erhard Rahm (ed.)

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Information system architectures: from art to science

Peter C. Lockemann


The presentation claims that architectural design plays a crucial role in system development as a first step in a process that turns a requirements specification into a working software and hardware system. As such, architectural design should follow a rigorous methodology - a science - rather than intuition - an art. Our basic premise is that requirements in information systems follow a service philosophy, where services are characterized by their functionality and quality-ofservice parameters. We develop a design hypothesis that takes the service characteristics into account in a stepwise fashion. We then validate the hypothesis for traditional database characteristics, demonstrate for novel requirements how these would affect architectures, and finally apply it to the current 4-tier server architectures.

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