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BIOSIG 2015 P-245, 39-48 (2015).

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Face tracking using optical flow development of a real-time adaboost cascade face tracker

Andreas Ranftl , Fernando Alonso-Fernandez and Stefan Karlsson


In this paper a novel face tracking approach is presented where optical flow information is incorporated into the Viola-Jones face detection algorithm. In the original algorithm from Viola and Jones face detection is static as information from previous frames is not considered. In contrast to the Viola- Jones face detector and also to other known dynamic enhancements, the proposed face tracker preserves information about near-positives. The algorithm builds a likelihood map from the intermediate results of the Viola-Jones algorithm which is extrapolated using optical flow. The objects get extracted from the likelihood map using image segmentation techniques. All steps can be computed very efficiently in real-time. The tracker is verified on the Boston Head Tracking Database showing that the proposed algorithm outperforms the standard Viola-Jones face detector.

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