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Experiencing adaptive case management capabilities with cognoscenti

Danielle Collenbusch , Anja Sauter , Ipek Tastekil and Denise Uslu


In a world with rapidly changing customer requirements and the increased role of technology, companies need more flexible systems to adapt their processes and react dynamically to changes. Adaptive Case Management (ACM) comes into consideration by providing a concept to adapt to changing business conditions. Within our research project we did a first foundational evaluation of the potential of ACM in supporting unpredictable sales processes. Based on a set of criteria we tested the concept of ACM with the open source tool Cognoscenti. The evaluation gave us the possibility to experience the concept of ACM. Hence we were able to provide a statement about the potential of ACM within the context of an unpredictable sales process, setting the path to further research and discussion of ACM in the area of sales processes.

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