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Digital Enterprise Computing (DEC 2015) P-244, 151-162 (2015).

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Providing EA decision support for stakeholders by automated analyses

Dierk Jugel , Stefan Kehrer , Christian M. Schweda and Alfred Zimmermann


Enterprise architecture management (EAM) is a holistic approach to tackle the complex Business and IT architecture. The transformation of an organization's EA towards a strategyoriented system is a continuous task. Many stakeholders have to elaborate on various parts of the EA to reach the best decisions to shape the EA towards an optimized support of the organizations' capabilities. Since the real world is too complex, analyzing techniques are needed to detect optimization potentials and to get all information needed about an issue. In practice visualizations are commonly used to analyze EAs. However these visualizations are mostly static and do not provide analyses. In this article we combine analyzing techniques from literature and interactive visualizations to support stakeholders in EA decision-making.

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