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Digital Enterprise Computing (DEC 2015) P-244, 67-78 (2015).

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Sales 2.0 in business-to-business (B2B) networks: conceptualization and impact of social media in B2B sales relationship

Alexander Rossmann and Gerald Stei


In recent years, the rise of the digital transformation received significant importance in Business-to-Business (B2B) research. Social media applications provide executives with a raft of new options. Consequently, interfaces to social media platforms have also been integrated into B2B salesforce applications, although very little is as yet known about their usage and general impact on B2B sales performance. This paper evaluates 1) the conceptualization of social media usage in a dyadic B2B relationship; 2) the effects of a more differentiated usage construct on customer satisfaction; 3) antecedents of social media usage on multiple levels; and 4) the effectiveness of social media usage for different types of customers. The framework presented here is tested cross-industry against data collected from dyadic buyer-seller relationships in the IT service industry. The results elucidate the preconditions and the impact of social media usage strategies in B2B sales relations.

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