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Enterprise modelling and information systems architectures - EMISA 2014 P-234, 85-98 (2014).

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BPMN extension for business process monitoring

Anne Baumgraß , Nico Herzberg , Andreas Meyer and Mathias Weske


The execution of business processes generates a lot of data representing happenings (also called events) that may be utilized for process monitoring and analysis. This, however, is not supported by typical Business Process Management Systems (BPMSs). Especially, in manual executing business process environments, i.e., not driven by a BPMS, the correlation of events to processes for monitoring and analysis is not trivial. At design-time, Process Event Monitoring Points are used in process models to specify the locations, where particular events are expected. Therewith, occurring events can be assigned to a process during run-time. In this paper, we introduce an extension to BPMN, which implements this connection between process models and events. We show applicability of this extension by applying it to a logistics scenario taken from an EU project.

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