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DeLFI 2014 - Die 12. e-Learning Fachtagung Informatik P-233, 127-132 (2014).

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Personalized web learning by joining OER

Peter A. Henning , Kevin Fuchs , Jürgen Bock , Stefan Zander , Alexander Streicher , Andrea Zielinski , Christian Swertz , Alexandra Forstner , Atta Badii , Daniel Thiemert and Oscar Garcia Perales


We argue that quality issues and didactical concerns of MOOCs may be overcome by relying on small Open Educational Resources, joining them into concise courses by gluing them together along predefined learning pathways with proper semantic annotations. This new approach to adaptive learning does not attempt to model the learner, but rather concentrates on the learning process and established models thereof. Such a new approach does not only require conceptual work and corresponding support tools, but also a new meta data format and an engine which may interpret the semantic annotations as well as measure a learner's response to these. The EU FP7 project INTUITEL7 is introduced, which employs these technologies in a novel learning environment.

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