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Big data in logistics - identifying potentials through literature, case study and expert interview analyses

Volker Frehe , Thorsten Kleinschmidt and Frank Teuteberg


In this contribution, we elaborate the current state of research and practice of Big Data in the field of logistics by means of a systematic literature review, a case study analysis and expert interviews. Although all interviewees are from Germany, viable perspectives and opinions of practitioners from worldwide operating companies were gained. Based on the analyzed information and the identified knowledge gaps, we developed implications for practice and for research. We call for an advanced interdisciplinary research, which integrate practitioners as early as possible. Practitioners should identify how Big Data can improve management decision or daily business. Management support was identified as essential in Big Data projects, besides department staff should be integrated and a holistic approach should be followed. Therefore, appropriate training for project members or hiring of new staff is needed. Thus, this paper offers fundamental new insights in the field of Big Data useful for practitioners and researchers.

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