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BIOSIG 2014 P-230, 51-62 (2014).

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Speedup for European epassport authentication

Roel Peeters , Jens Hermans and Bart Mennink


The overall ePassport authentication procedure should be fast to have a sufficient throughput of people at border crossings such as airports. At the same time, the ePassport and its holder should be checked as thoroughly as possible. By speeding up the ePassport authentication procedure, more time can be spend on verification of biometrics. We demonstrate that our proposed solution allows to replace the current combination of PACE and EAC with a more efficient authentication procedure that provides even better security and privacy guarantees. When abstracting away from the time needed for the ePassport to verify the terminal's certificate, a speed-up of at least 40\% in comparison with the current ePassport authentication procedure is to be expected.

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