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Software Management 2002: Fortschritt durch Beständigkeit, Fachtagung des GI-Fachausschusses Management der Anwendungsemtwicklung und -wartung im Fachbereich Wirtschaftsinformatik (WIMAW), 6. bis 8. November 2002, Hamburg. P-23, 10-20 (2002).

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Thorsten Spitta (ed.), Jens Borchers (ed.), Harry M. Sneed (ed.)

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Neue Wege im Projektmanagement

Andreas Frick


After a description of the changes that have taken place in the project environment the current view of project management is outlined from three different perspectives: the computer science perspective, the classical project management perspective and the system science perspective. Later the concept of evolutionary project management and some of the principles on which the concept is based are shown. The consequent application of the concept leads to changes in the classical project management methods. Together with the incremental and iterative development approaches the evolutionary project management approach and further subjects are summarised to build an integrated evolutionary project management approach. Using a practical example the applicability in practice and the advantage of this approach are demonstrated.

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