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Open Identity Summit 2013 P-223, 32-42 (2013).

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Unlinkability support in a decentralised, multiple-identity social network

Simon Thiel , Fabian Hermann , Marcel Heupel and Mohamed Bourimi


Providing support for unlinkability in a decentralized, multiple-identity social network is a complex task, which requires concepts and solutions on the technical as well as on the user-interface level. Reflecting these diverse levels of an application, this paper presents three scenarios to impede the linkability of multiple identities in decentralized social networking. Solutions cover a communication infrastructure which allows referencing to multiple identities; analysis of user content and sharing history to present linkability warnings; and user interface means allow for a privacy-ensuring management of partial identities. The userware research prototype of the EU FP7 funded ( is introduced to show the integration of the solutions accordingly.

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