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Enterprise modelling and information systems architectures (EMISA 2013) P-222, 57-70 (2013).

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Cognitive efficient modelling using tablets

Jeannette Stark , Martin Burwitz , Richard Braun and Werner Esswein


Recently, conceptual modellers have to choose between modeling tools running on tablets or in a common PC environment. This choice has some implications on how cognitive efficient the modeling process is. While using touch input (given on a tablet) eyes and hand are directly coordinated, which supports human gaze behaviour. On the contrary, modelling with a mouse (given in a common PC environment) does not allow direct eye-hand coordination and therefore needs additional effort to coordinate eye and hand. This effect is investigated within a two-group laboratory experiment using BPMN as a modeling language and thus assesses if modeling on tablet is cognitive efficient. Furthermore, we derive assumptions how improve cognitive efficiency of modeling tools.

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