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Enterprise modelling and information systems architectures (EMISA 2013) P-222, 85-99 (2013).

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Towards a modelling method in support of evaluating information systems integration

Heiko Kattenstroth , Ulrich Frank and David Heise


IT organisations face a number of challenges when assessing, realising, and maintaining a level of integration-between IT resources and between IT and business-that is satisfactory. To cope with these challenges, methods are required that support the evaluation of information systems integration by reducing the complexity inherent to the IT of today's enterprises, by facilitating communication about integration matters among groups of stakeholders with differing perspectives, and by accounting for potential ambivalent effects of integration. In this paper, we investigate the potentials of an enterprise modelling-based method for IS integration evaluation and present initial conceptualisations-with a specific focus on data integration.

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