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Electronic government and electronic participation -- joint Proceedings of ongoing research of IFIP EGOV and IFIP epart 2013 P-221, 242-249 (2013).

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PERIKLIS -- electronic democracy in the 21st century using mobile and social network technologies

Panagiotis Kokkinos , Kostas Koumoutsos , Nikos Doulamis , Emmanouel Varvarigos , Dimitris Petrantonakis , Mania Kardara , Emmanouel Sardis , Antonis Vekris and Stelios Gerontidis


PERIKLIS is a Greek National project for the development of an innovative e-Government platform for public services, using mobile and social network technologies. PERIKLIS consists of a content management system for publishing, editing and modifying content in both desktop and mobile and a middleware framework containing core functionalities and intelligence. The main services of the platform include: identity management, social relations analysis, degree of reliability calculation, interoperability with various social networking sites and e-Government services and provision of geo-located services. PERIKLIS e-government platform will be evaluated in two major national pilots. This work presents the core modules and system architecture plus their innovative research solutions for its construction and implementation.

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