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Electronic government and electronic participation -- joint Proceedings of ongoing research of IFIP EGOV and IFIP epart 2013 P-221, 270-271 (2013).

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Workshop on policy-making as a research field in complex systems in digital sciences

Amene Deljoo , Marijn Janssen and Maria A. Wimmer


The field of policy-making is changing driven by developments like open data, computational methods for processing data, opining mining, all combined with public engagement, social media and participatory tools. To take advantage of these development in the digital world new approaches, concepts, instruments and methods are needed which are able to deal with societal and computational complexity. This requires the knowledge traditionally find in different disciplines including public administration, policy analyses, information systems, complex systems and computer science. The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers from various disciplines within a single workshop. This workshop will serve as a platform for exchanging ideas and initiating collaborations.

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