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Electronic government and electronic participation -- joint Proceedings of ongoing research of IFIP EGOV and IFIP epart 2013 P-221, 192-199 (2013).

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Botswana speaks parliamentary initiative: paving the way towards better constituency services in botswana

Vasilis Koulolias , Kheira Belkacem and Vassiliki Zalavra


Recognizing the long-standing traditions of democratic consultation at the local level in Botswana and the leading role of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) tools in participation and decision-making processes, this paper focuses on a real-life case study that matches the implementation of an innovative ICT tool that allows citizens to participate in online and offline consultations with their elected Members of the Parliament (MPs) in Botswana on issues of major concern. Botswana Speaks Parliamentary Initiative is an ongoing pilot research project that aims to improve parliamentary efficiency by ensuring sustainable capacity building around the use of an online platform and enhance transparency by opening deliberation and debate to citizens.

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