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Datenbanksysteme für Business, Technologie und Web (BTW) 2013 - Workshopband P-216, 160-169 (2013).

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Concept for a web based support of the development process

Marc Oellrich and Frank Mantwill


During the last years there have been some developments in the internet which might support the product development process. Some ideas at the beginning of the millennium have shown that web based systems can raise the efficiency, but the possibilities are nowadays much higher. While at that time representations have been only in a static state, they can now be handled much more user-friendly and get accepted like shown with Wikipedia or Facebook. Interesting further opportunities are given by Open Innovation, where problems are solved by a big amount of online users. This concept will show principal components of an integrated web based system, which supports the development methodological approach, reduces the workload to collect and enter redundant data, allows collaborative and partially asynchronous cooperation and will contribute to determine and map the knowledge and experience of the employees, what should lead to a higher ability\&nbError: Illegal entry in bfrange block in ToUnicode CMap sp;to compete and gives a clear competitive advantage.

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