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Datenbanksysteme für Business, Technologie und Web (BTW) 2013 - Workshopband P-216, 131-138 (2013).

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The monetary value of information: A leakage-resistant data valuation

Stefan Barthel and Eike Schallehn


The importance of information as a main asset of a company or organization is widely acknowledged nowadays. The loss of or the unauthorized access to sensitive information are critical and can possibly send a company into bankruptcy. Furthermore, the risk of information larceny is most often not caused by a direct attack of unauthorized outsiders, but by authorized extractions by malicious or unaware insiders passing data to unauthorized outsiders. Unfortunately, this problem cannot be solved by the typically used role-based authentication. The detection of malicious accesses based on typical access characteristics, which has inspired some research, is limited in its potential. Therefore, we present a conceptual approach based on the valuation of information, i.e., using a description of the actual worth of data items within database systems. This allows to rate potential losses on the fly as well as preventing valuable extractions done by insiders. In detail, we describe a mechanism called leakage-resistant data valuation that calculates a monetary value for every query and takes according action if the cumulated monetary value exceeds a threshold (per query or per time span).

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