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Software Engineering 2013 - Workshopband P-215, 171-186 (2013).

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Paisley: A pattern matching library for arbitrary object models

Baltasar Trancón Y. Widemann and Markus Lepper


Professional development of software dealing with structured models requires more systematic approach and semantic foundation than standard practice in general-purpose programming languages affords. One remedy is to integrate techniques from other programming paradigms, as seamless as possible and without forcing programmers to leave their comfort zone. Here we present a tool for the implementation of pattern matching as fundamental means of automated data extraction from models of arbitrary shape and complexity in a general-purpose programming language. The interface is simple but, thanks to elaborate and rigorous design, is also light-weight, portable, non-invasive, type-safe, modular and extensible. It is compatible with object-oriented data abstraction and has full support for nondeterminism by backtracking. The tool comes as a library consisting of two levels: elementary pattern algebra (generic, highly reusable) and pattern bindings for particular data models (specific, fairly reusable, user-definable). Applications use the library code in a small number of idiomatic ways, making pattern-matching code declarative in style, easily writable, readable and maintainable. Library and idiom together form a tightly embedded domain-specific language; no extension of the host language is required. The current implementation is in Java, but assumes only standard object-oriented features, and can hence be ported to other mainstream languages.

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