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Software Engineering 2013 - Workshopband P-215, 305-318 (2013).

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Using renderscript and RCUDA for compute intensive tasks on mobile devices: a case study

Roelof Kemp , Nicholas Palmer , Thilo Kielmann , Henri Bal , Bastiaan Aarts and Anwar Ghuloum


The processing power of mobile devices is continuously increasing. In this paper we perform a case study in which we assess three different programming models that can be used to leverage this processing power for compute intensive tasks. We use an imaging algorithm and compare a reference implementation of this algorithm based on OpenCV with a multi threaded RenderScript implementation and an implementation based on computation offloading with Remote CUDA. Experiments show that on a modern Tegra 3 quad core device a multi threaded implementation can achieve a 2.2 speed up factor at the same energy cost, whereas computation offloading does neither lead to speed ups nor energy savings.

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