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Software Engineering 2013 - Workshopband P-215, 355-362 (2013).

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Saving Energy in Production Using Mobile Services

Christopher Ruff , Uwe Laufs , Moritz Müller and Jan Zibuschka


High energy costs have led to an increasing relevance of energyefficiency over the last few years. While new equipment is mostly designed to be energy-efficient, feasible action is needed to decrease energy consumption of existing equipment on the shop-floor level. As interventions there rely on dependable information and its use at the right time and place, involvement of ICT systems and particularly mobile devices becomes evident. In our approach, a system based on a SOA back end and a mobile device-based front end was implemented as a prototype. The system uses data provided by sensors, production orders and additional metadata describing specific properties of the production systems to provide decision support and to generate recommendations for the stakeholders to realize immediate as well as longer-term energy savings.

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