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Seamless integration of archiving functionality in OLTP/OLAP database systems using accelerator technologies

Knut Stolze , Oliver Köth , Felix Beier , Carlos Caballero and Ruiping Li


The recent version of the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator introduces the High Performance Storage Saver as a new product feature. It paves another part of the way towards integrating OLTP and OLAP into a single database system. We present the technical details of this approach, which integrates archiving functionality into the DB2 relational database systems with seamless and transparent access to the archive data. The IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator for DB2 for z/OS offers the storage area for the archive and also delivers exceptional performance for querying the data online, archived and non-archived data alike. In this paper, we describe the administrative interfaces controlling which table partitions shall be archived (or restored) and the associated monitoring interfaces. En- hancements in the DB2 optimizer provide control whether archive data shall be considered for query processing or not. Strong focus was laid on using simple interfaces, and we present our approach taken during product design and development.

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