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DrillBeyond: Open-World SQL Queries Using Web Tables

Julian Eberius , Maik Thiele , Katrin Braunschweig and Wolfgang Lehner


The Web consists of a huge number of documents, but also large amounts structured information, for example in the form of HTML tables containing relationalstyle data. One typical usage scenario for this kind of data is their integration into a database or data warehouse in order to apply data analytics. However, in today's business intelligence tools there is an evident lack of support for so-called situational or ad-hoc data integration. In this demonstration we will therefore present DrillBeyond, a novel database and information retrieval engine which allows users to query a local database as well as the web datasets in a seamless and integrated way with standard SQL. The audience will be able to pose queries to our DrillBeyond system which will be answered partly from local data in the database and partly from datasets that originate from the Web of Data. We will demonstrate the integration of the web tables back into the DBMS in order to apply its analytical features.

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