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Yago2s: modular high-quality information extraction with an application to flight planning

Fabian M. Suchanek , Johannes Hoffart , Erdal Kuzey and Edwin Lewis-Kelham


In this paper, we present YAGO2s, the new edition of the YAGO ontology [SKW07, HSBW12]. The software architecture has been refactored from scratch, yielding a design that modularizes both code and data. This modularization enables us to add in new data sources more easily, while still maintaining the high accuracy and coherence of the ontology. Thus, we believe that YAGO2s occupies a sweetspot between a centralized design and a completely distributed design. In this demo, we present an application of this design to the task of planning a flight. Our proposed system finds flights between all airports close to the departure city to all airports close to the destination city.

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