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Scyper: A hybrid OLTP\&OLAP distributed Main memory database system for scalable real-time analytics

Tobias Mühlbauer , Wolf Rödiger , Angelika Reiser , Alfons Kemper and Thomas Neumann


ScyPer is an abbreviation for Scaled-out HyPer, a version of the HyPer main memory hybrid OLTP\&OLAP database system that horizontally scales out on sharednothing commodity hardware. Our demo shows that ScyPer a) achieves a near-linear scale-out of OLAP query throughput with the number of active nodes, b) sustains a constant OLTP throughput, c) is resilient to node failures, and d) offers real-time analytical capabilities through market-leading query response times and periodically forked TX-consistent virtual memory snapshots with sub-second lifetime durations.

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