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Software Engineering 2013 P-213, 319-330 (2013).

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Agile software engineering techniques: the missing link in large scale lean product development

Alexander Scheerer , Christoph T. Schmidt , Armin Heinzl , Tobias Hildenbrand and Dirk Voelz


Many software development companies have fundamentally changed the way they organize and run their development organizations in the course of the last decade. Lean and agile software development became more and more common. Lean focuses on continuous value generation based on a framework of principles known from manufacturing. But how do software developers actually implement these principles in their daily work? Based on insights from several software development teams at a large-scale enterprise software company in Germany, we show that agile software engineering techniques seamlessly integrate into lean product development principles. This paper shows empirical insights on how to implement these principles in a professional context and every-day work.

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