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Massendatenmanagement in der Agrar- und Ernährungswirtschaft --- Erhebung -- Verarbeitung -- Nutzung P-211, 303-306 (2013).

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A distributed information system for managing phenotyping mass data

Florian Schmidt , Benjamin Bruns , Thomas Bode , Hanno Scharr and Armin B. Cremers


On-going automation in plant phenotyping has led to an increasing amount of measurement data, which is often managed by specialized, rarely interconnected systems with custom hardand software. Experiment and analysis scenarios across different systems and the setup of new systems quickly get expensive and tedious. Therefore, we propose a distributed information system, Phenomis, for managing phenotyping experiments based on Data Spaces. Its service-oriented architecture can be adapted to a wide range of plant phenotyping experiments and appliances, helping to overcome the “phenotyping bottleneck“, the mismatch of automated phenotyping capability over analysis capacity.

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