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Automotive - Safety & Security 2012 P-210, 163-178 (2012).

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Increasing the reliability of single and multi core systems with software rejuvenation and coded processing

Jürgen Braun , Jürgen Mottok , Christian Miedl , Dirk Geyer and Mark Minas


The safety of electric vehicles has the highest priority because it helps contribute to customer confidence and thereby ensures further growth of the electromobility market. Therefore in series production redundant hardware concepts like dual core microcontrollers running in lock-step-mode are used to reach ASIL D safety requirements given from the ISO 26262. Coded processing is capable of reducing redundancy in hardware by adding diverse redundancy in software, e.g. by specific coding of data and instructions. A system with two coded processing channels is considered. One channel is active and one is in cold standby. When the active channel fails, the service is switched from the active channel to the standby channel. It is imaginable that the two channels with implemented coded processing are running with time redundancy on a single core or on a multi core system where for example different ASIL levels are partitioned on different cores. In this paper a redundant concept based on coded processing and software rejuvenation will be taken into account.

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