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INFORMATIK 2012 P-208, 152-164 (2012).

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Developing user centered maps and map symbols in mass casualty incidents - a qualitative interdisciplinary approach

Mareike Mähler , Eva Artinger , Christian Stolcis , Fabian Wucholt , Tayfur Coskun and Yeliz Yildirim-Krannig


Handling highly dynamic scenarios as they arise in mass casualty incident (MCI) situations requires lots of information about the situation and an extremely usable display of IT based supporting systems that can assist in managing the incident. The rescue workers have to interact effectively with IT based rescue management support systems (IT-RMSS) in order to successfully manage the incident. In this paper we show how the results of qualitative culture studies can provide important insights into the design of displays that are to be deployed in settings like an MCI. We will show how the software engineering can profit from the results of such a study and how the results can be implemented.

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