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Sparking motivation and creativity with “online ideation games”

Maximilian Witt and Susanne Robra-Bissantz


In the context of innovation management organizations face two challenges: they must provide motivation for users to participate and they must inspire users to make creative contributions. One activity, which leads to motivation as well as creative outcome, is play. The paper aims to clarify if playing a multiplayer online game can motivate to generate creative ideas for real-world problems. Using ready-made software (“SCVNGR”) and adopting the method of experimental prototyping, we therefore developed a multiplayer “online ideation game” (OIG). The OIG was launched as a pilot at a large German university to generate new ideas for improving its services and infrastructure. 77 students took part in the game, although no extrinsic rewards (like marks or monetary compensation) were promised or given. 34 players were surveyed using an online questionnaire. To evaluate the creativity of ideas experts were interviewed using consensual assessment technique. Four motivational factors could be extracted, which explain why individuals played the game: a) receiving feedback and sense of accomplishment, b) dissatisfaction with existing services, c) learning and d) achievement. Results also indicate that players were highly involved and learning is the main driver of players' involvement. Overall, experts rated creativity of the ideas generated by the players as high.

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