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Creative process engagement in a multiplayer online ideation game

Maximilian Witt , Christian Scheiner , Susanne Robra-Bissantz and Kai-Ingo Voigt


This paper aims to discuss the use of a hedonic system, i.e. a multiplayer online ideation game (OIG), to integrate users into the generation of ideas for real-world problems. An OIG, which was played by the surveyed participants for total of more than 1070 hours, was therefore evaluated in a twofold approach: Firstly, we examined the degree of players' creative process engagement in a longitudinal perspective. Secondly, we conducted interviews in order to find reasons for a change in creative process engagement. We found an increase in two of three components of creative process engagement during the first and a decrease during the last intervalls. The altered perception towards missions and game mechanics such as game points, social points, and stories provides a logical explanation for this development.

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