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Maturity assessments of service-oriented enterprise architectures with iterative pattern refinement

Michael Falkenthal , Dierk Jugel , Alfred Zimmermann , René Reiners , Wilfried Reimann and Michael Pretz


Current practices for assessing maturity of service-oriented enterprise information architectures only provide a sparse metamodel and pattern foundation and were rarely validated. This is a real problem for practical architecture assessments in repeated (cyclic) evaluations of service-oriented systems. In preliminary research we have developed and validated an original pattern language for supporting architecture assessments and optimization of enterprise systems, leveraging and extending base frameworks like the Capability Maturity Model Integration and The Open Group Architecture Framework. Traditionally, patterns are derived after long experience by an expert group of pattern authors. This may lead to a decelerated reuse of available design knowledge. Our approach intends to integrate available knowledge from enterprise information architecture methods, services computing and software architects directly from the beginning of the iterative pattern development and refinement process.

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