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INFORMATIK 2012 P-208, 273-283 (2012).

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Towards a classification framework for very large business applications

Dirk Dreschel , Naoum Jamous , Gamal Kassem , Frederik Kramer , Bastiankurbjuhn , Holger Schrödl , Mathias Splieth and Klaus Turowski


Classification of business application has significant effects for industry practice as well as for applied research. A correct classification of a business application leads to a better knowledge of the relevant characteristics and significantly helps in estimating several effects while planning, developing and maintaining the application. This paper provides a comprehensive classification framework for the quite new research area of Very Large Business Ap- plication (VLBA). The framework has been constructed by using the morphological method. From this classification framework, four different types of VLBA have been identified by their distinct characteristics. This result helps practitioners as well as scholars to gain a deeper and more distinct understanding of the relevant factors of VLBA.

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