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INFORMATIK 2012 P-208, 1047-1058 (2012).

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Visualisation of semantic enrichment

Alexa Schlegel , Ralf Heese and Annika Hinze


Automatically creating semantic enrichments for text may lead to annotations that allow for excellent recall but poor precision. Manual enrichment is potentially more targeted, leading to greater precision. We aim to support nonexperts in manually enriching texts with semantic annotations. Neither the visualisation of semantic enrichment nor the process of manually enriching texts has been evaluated before. This paper presents the results of our user study on visualisation of text enrichment during the annotation process. We performed extensive analysis of work related to the visualisation of semantic annotations. In a prototype implementation, we then explored two layout alternatives for visualising semantic annotations and their linkage to the text atoms. Here we summarise and discuss our results and their design implications for tools creating semantic annotations.

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