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Evaluation of human altruism using a DTN-based mobile social network application

Sufian Hameed , Alexander Wolf , Konglin Zhu and Xiaoming Fu


Advancement in mobile computing and smartphone proliferation has enabled mobile devices to support a richer range of services besides calls and texting. Recently there has been a lot of focus on developing human centric mobile social applications to perform collaborative social activities for mobile users in highly distributed environment, such as photo and information sharing, and proximity-based communication. However, the success of these applications relies on selfless and altruistic participation of individuals (i.e. mobile users). In this paper we develop DMS, a resource-aware delay tolerant network (DTN)- based mobile social network application to get a better understanding of the altruistic nature of human behavior. We study how limited resources like battery can affect the user's behavior toward the mobile application with varying levels of scrutiny in lab and daily life environment.

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