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INFORMATIK 2012 P-208, 434-440 (2012).

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OCEMES: measuring overall and component-based energy demands of mobile and embedded systems

Christian Bunse and Hagen Höpfner


Resource scarcity is a common challenge in mobile and embedded computing. Mobile and embedded devices are typically battery-driven. Thus, their energy demand is in the focus of attention. Various techniques for saving energy exist; Their evaluation warrants approaches for measuring the energy demand during the use of the devices. Modern smart-phones offer sensors and corresponding APIs for gathering energy data, but they are mostly limited to overall measurements regarding the characteristics of the entire system. Moreover, most embedded systems lack such sensors. We present an approach for measuring the energy demand of mobile and embedded systems through additional hardware. It allows for measuring the energy demand of individual (hardware) components, as well as the entire system and therefore enables researchers in the field of energy-aware computing to draw more precise conclusions.

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