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How-to interact with a map application on a heavy rugged tablet PC when both hands are needed to hold the device

Tayfur Coskun , Claudia Grill , Amal Benzina , Eva Artinger and Gudrun Klinker


This paper presents the second iteration of developing scrolling concepts for a digital map on a rugged tablet pc which can be used while holding the device in both hands. This map application is intended to be used during a Mass casualty incident (MCI) by the Ambulant Incident Office (AIOs). In the previous and first iteration the shortcomings of the developed concepts were identified and eliminated. The goal of the second iteration is to find out if the enhancements of the concepts work and to compare the elected two concepts - An enhanced Minimap and the so called Radar- Joystick. The evaluation results show that some features and functionality offered by both the enhanced Minimap and the Radar-Joystick concepts are accepted and positively rated, while other are confusing to the users. For this reason, we suggest to use a combination of both concepts and limit the functionality of the Minimap to emphasize the features which were rated as helpful and useful by the target group.

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