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EMISA 2012 P-206, 123-136 (2012).

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Viewpoint-based modeling -- towards defining the viewpoint concept and implications for supporting modeling tools

Klaus Fischer , Dima Panfilenko , Julian Krumeich , Marc Born and Philippe Desfray


Viewpoint-based modeling is an important recent development in software engineering. It is likely to boost the wider use of modeling techniques because it allows to tailor existing tools with respect to the different stakeholders in software design. The paper reports on results from the VIBAM project in which viewpoint concepts are investigated. We give an overview of the most important contributions from literature regarding viewpoint concepts from which we derived the position that we take in the VIBAM project. After presenting VIBAM's position we derive features that we consider important for tools that support viewpoint features. We plan to integrate these features in the commercial modeling tools MODELIO and MEDINI ANALYZE to the end of the VIBAM project.

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