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5. International conference on electronic voting 2012 (EVOTE2012) P-205, 315-329 (2012).

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A new implementation of a dual (Paper and cryptographic) voting system

Jonathan Ben-Nun , Niko Fahri , Morgan Llewellyn , Ben Riva , Alon Rosen , Amnon Ta-Shma and Douglas Wikstrom


We report on the design and implementation of a new cryptographic voting system, designed to retain the “look and feel” of standard, paper-based voting used in our country Israel while enhancing security with end-to-end verifiability guaranteed by cryptographic voting. Our system is dual ballot and runs two voting processes in parallel: one is electronic while the other is paper-based and similar to the traditional process used in Israel. Consistency between the two processes is enforced by means of a new, specially-tailored paper ballot format. We examined the practicality and usability of our protocol through implementation and field testing in two elections: the first being a student council election with over 2000 voters, the second a political party's election for choosing their leader. We present our findings, some of which were extracted from a survey we conducted during the first election. Overall, voters trusted the system and found it comfortable to use.

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