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12^th international conference on innovative Internet community services (I^2CS 2012) P-204, 190-201 (2012).

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Open up cultural heritage in video archives with mediaglobe

Christian Hentschel , Johannes Hercher , Magnus Knuth , Johannes Osterhoff , Bernhard Quehl , Harald Sack , Nadine Steinmetz , Jörg Waitelonis and Haojin Yang


Film, video, and TV have become a predominant medium, but most audiovisual (AV) material being part of our cultural heritage is kept in archives without the possibility of appropriate access for the public. Although digitalization of AV objects in conjunction with AV analysis is making progress, content-based retrieval remains difficult because of the so called semantic gap. The Mediaglobe project is focussed on digitalization, indexation, preservation and exploitation of historical AV archives. In this context, we show how traditional AV analysis is complemented with semantic technologies and user-generated content to enable content-based retrieval exposing contentual dependencies to promote new means of visualization and explorative navigation within AV archives.

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