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Modellierung 2012 P-201, 91-106 (2012).

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Exploring usability-driven differences of graphical modeling languages: an empirical research report

Christian Schalles , John Creagh and Michael Rebstock


Documenting, specifying and analyzing complex domains such as information systems or business processes have become unimaginable without the support of graphical models. Generally, models are developed using graph-oriented languages such as Event Driven Process Chains (EPCs) or diagrams of the Unified Modeling Language (UML). For industrial use, modeling languages aim to describe either information systems or business processes. Heterogeneous modeling languages allow different grades of usability to their users. In our paper we focus on an evaluation of four heterogeneous modeling languages and their different impact on user performance and user satisfaction. We deduce implications for both educational and industrial use using the Framework for Usability Evaluation of Modeling Languages (FUEML).

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