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Modellierung 2012 P-201, 59-74 (2012).

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Towards a tool-oriented taxonomy of view-based modelling

Thomas Goldschmidt , Steffen Becker and Erik Burger


The separation of view and model is one of the key concepts of Model- Driven Engineering (MDE). Having different views on a central model helps modellers to focus on specific aspects. Approaches for the creation of Domain-Specific Modelling Languages (DSML) allow language engineers to define languages tailored for specific problems. To be able to build DSMLs that also benefit from view-based modelling a common understanding of the properties of both paradigms is required. However, research has not yet considered the combination of both paradigms, namely view-based domain specific modelling to a larger extent. Especially, a comprehensive analysis of a view's properties (e.g., partial, overlapping, editable, persistent, etc.) has not been conducted. Thus, it is also still unclear to which extent view-based modelling is understood by current DSML approaches and what a common understanding if this paradigm is. In this paper, we explore view-based modelling in a tool-oriented way. Furthermore, we analyse the properties of the view-based domain-specific modelling

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