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Grid computing: A new dimension of the Internet

Wolfgang Gentzsch


The Grid is a distributed computing architecture for accessing Computing, data resources and scientific instruments over the Internet, in much the same way that electricity is delivered over thePower Grid today. It is the next logical step, from Internet, to WorldWide Web, now to technology infrastructure which connects distributed computers, storage devices, mobile devic es, instruments, sensors, data bases, and software applic a- tions, and provides uniform access for the user community. The Grid is the evolving next generation of the Advanced Web, for computing, collaboration and the NSF NCSA Na- tional Technology Grid; NetSolve for accessing and sharing mathe matical software; Nimrod for campus-wide resource sharing; SETI@Home for searching for extraterrestrial intelligence; the CERN DataGrid, processing Petabytes of particle data per year (starting in 2006) from its Large Hadron Collider experiment; or the APGrid connecting many computer centers in Asia and the Pacific Rim, in the near future.

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