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BIOSIG 2012 P-196, 417-427 (2012).

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Curvelet transform-based features extraction for fingerprint identification

Hanene Guesmi , Hanene Trichili , Adel M. Alimi and Basel Solaiman


The performance of the fingerprint identification process highly depends on its extractor of fingerprint features. So, to reduce the dimensionality of the fingerprint image and improve the identification rate, a fingerprint features extraction method based on Curvelet transform is proposed and presented in this paper. Thus, our paper focuses on presenting of our Curvelet-based fingerprint features extraction method. This method consists of two steps: decompose the fingerprint into set of sub-bands by the Curvelet transform and automatic extraction of the most discriminative statistical features of these sub-bands. An extensive experimental evaluation shows that the proposed method is effective and encouraging.

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